Hops and Squats

Beer does a body good.  There is no point in arguing this statement, so save your breath.  I mean, if you are on The Keg Tap website reading this, you likely agree.  While this lovely fermented beverage that we all love does provide a nutritional benefits, it also can be disastrous if looking to improve overall health.  I’m going to share a little personal story/information with my fellow Keg Tappers.

Hops and Squats

As with everything, moderation is key.  You have heard it over and over again, “too much of something can be a bad thing” and beer might fit the bill.  This topic has been pertinent to my life recently.  I was/am one of those annoying New Year’s resolutioners that determined to take my health more seriously.  I am not getting any younger, need to lose some weight and really just needed to start taking care of myself in a variety of ways (sleep, food, stress, etc.), so I decided now is the time.  First it started with hitting the gym 5-6 times a week, then I eventually decided I needed to look at my diet.  I am vegan and often times I am met with looks of surprise and confusion when I tell people this because I am not a skinny, pale looking guy.  Yes, there are fat vegans out there.  Because I eat more than salads, twigs and berries, I decided to focus on getting my diet on track, I had to take an honest look at my beer consumption.  While I didn’t drink much during the week (maybe 2-3 times max), I was hitting it harder on the weekend.

I came to the realization that if I was to really tackle my health head on, I needed to make better choices both with food and what I drink.  This eventually lead me to decide not to drink at all during the week and limit myself to 2 drinks per day on the weekend.  I was cutting my consumption in more than half.  In a little over a month, I have dropped over 20 pounds and am feeling great!

Now, I do miss coming home and having a beer after work or in the evening when I am watching re-runs of The Office, but my determination to be healthier is greater than my want for beer.  So, while my instagram post and untapped check-ins may be down recently, my motivation to balance my health while still enjoying craft beer is up.  Cheers up to health, happiness and 16oz of that  frothy drink that we all love…beer!

Cheers … well only on the weekends!