Beer and Healthy Living

My first post Hops and Squats: Craft Beer and Healthy Living shared my goal of getting in shape while still being able to enjoy craft beer. Some time has passed and I thought both a continuation of that conversation along with some personal updates.

The Numbers Game

First, I was always one to never deprive myself.  I would eat and drink without a care in the world.  Imagine me just frolicking through fields of vegan pizza, veggie burgers with fries and liters of the finest ale, consuming as much as humanly possible.  Sounds good right?  To be honest, it was good.  I still at times long for the days of not counting calories, macros and 2-3 beers a night.  I  shake my fist at those that can eat and drink like that without gaining a pound. But, looking back, I am in a better place physically and mentally than I have ever been.  After some deep reflection, a commitment to myself and my family, I determined that I needed to make a change.  One of the biggest changes was counting my calories.

Again, I have never counted calories and really didn’t even know where to start.  I did some quick math and determined my base caloric need to survive and started there.  Since then, I have tweaked my caloric intake up an down based on how I feel and recently started tracking my macro-nutrients.  I use to think people were exaggerating when they said getting in shape is 80% diet and 20% working out, but they were right.  Tracking my food, as close as possible, and staying within my range of calories needed has been an eye opening experience.  Of course beer is still part of my diet and I have yet to feel deprived of anything.

Beer and Healthy Living

Equinox Kolsh and of Umami Food Truck ninja bowl!

Support is Key

My journey to get in shape would not be possible without the support of my family and wonderful partner Erin.  They put up with my outrageous antics of weighing my food, obsessive meal prepping, not partaking in some of our family loved foods, and my mood swings when I am off my eating regimen.  It has not just been a personal journey but one that my family has been on with me, even though it has only been a short while.  My partner has been my number one supporter.  This lifestyle is not new to her as she was always eating healthy, followed an intense workout schedule and cared for her overall well-being.  So, if you are thinking of making a lifestyle shift, identify those around you that will support you and help you focus on your goal.  Even if that means them slapping that IPA out of your hand.

I have rambled on for a while now and out of fear of losing your attention, which I might have done already, I am going to finish up with this.  Do you and do you well.  So, if you are feeling good about where you are physically and mentally, keep rocking it out.  If you are thinking about making a shift towards a more healthy lifestyle, whatever that may mean for you, then know that you got this.  Because seriously, if I can do it, you can do it.

On a personal note, I have been hitting the weight room rather hard and paired with my diet, I have made significant gains in my lifting, am starting to really see some changes in my physical appearance and to date have lost 38 pounds.  So, enjoy the beer and healthy living or hops and squats.  Cheers!