8 Wired Brewery Hopwired IPA 7.3% ABV

It was on faithful day during the Fall of 2012 that I grabbed the bag of hops to add to my wort boil, I cut it open and it hit me like hard like the Lakers 17-25 record(as of 1/24/13). One wafting smell of that passion fruit goodness rafting through the air and exciting my neurons changed my life and my perception of what hops should and could be. See where I”m from Passion Fruit is widely used in everything from drinks, to dessert and to find a hop that embodies all that goodness of my cultural in a small one ounce package changes everything. Galaxy hops takes a bow and exits stage left.

Since that day I have vowed to find a brew worthy of the the aromas I so craved and invigorate my senses to complete hop bliss. In walks Hopwired IPA from 8 Wired Brewery to tease me and flaunt its New Zealand prowess and Nelson Sauvin hops all over my refrigerator, begging me to drink it. So I did …

Here’s my video review of Hopwired IPA from 8 Wired Brewery. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers!

The Keg Tap Rating: B+

HopWired IPA