Hopworks Urban Brewery located in Inner Southeast Portland offers organic micros and sustainable food in addition to a great atmosphere to relax with friends or family either in their restaurant part of the building or in the bar area. This brewery has embraced Portland’s Green sub-culture (or culture) and has recently opened up a Bikebar which its website describes as having “bike-centric touches includ[ing] a water bottle filling station, 99 bottles of beer on the wall in bike cages and two Plug-Out stationary bicycles that actually generate electricity back into the building’s grid when pedaled.”

The other day I went to their brew pub bar with some buddies after work, this was probably my 5th or 6th time there. The service is always good and the people working there are respectful. We sat in the bar area which is mostly filled with tall tables and stools. I ordered their beer sampler. It contained way more beer samples than what I’ve normally had which is about 7 (this one had 10). I tried their Bike beer kolsch which is a German summer ale and an Espresso Stout. They had a Galactic Imperial Red, fantastic IPA and an England Session Beer called Velvet ESB. Session beer is not my forte and this one tasted flat with almost zero taste. The Galactic Imperial Red is extremely bitter with an IBU that goes beyond the charts at 100+. I love bitter beer but this one was too much. In the end I preferred the ales that I never go wrong with.

Overall this is a brew pub that you must visit if ever in PDX(Portland, Oregon). However, if you eat, be prepared to confront a spendy menu and please avoid the calzone. Besides that their pricey pizzas and burgers are very good. Cheers!