After countless hours and months of scouring Zillow trying to find the one, we find ourselves standing in front of a house. The sun is just setting as we begin walking up the unassuming steps to our recent candidate and like so many open houses before we walk up eager and weary. Weary of the process, weary of disappointment and most certainly weary of seeing houses that just aren’t for us. The realtor opens the door and we see the beautiful hard wood floors, the wood stained moldings, the stained glass windows, the brick fireplace and suddenly, like a squall, revives our vigor for the house hunt. I’ve seen it countless times before watching shows on HGTV, the immediate feeling of “this is the one” when you walk into a home but never really believed it, until now.

We walk through the main floor, then head upstairs and tour the bedrooms and finally going up one last level we reach the attic. Its a barren attic with nothing more then outdated white wood paneling and old light blue carpet but at the end of the room sits two boxes stacked on top of each other. Being the nosey person I am, I head over to the boxes and see the old Anheuser Busch (AB) logo with the eagle and the A on the side of the box so I take a look see and here’s what I find.


Now I’m not much of an AB fan but this caught my attention and started to make me wonder about who the owner of the house was and how he came across these vintage cans. We walk down to the basement, which again is another outdated dark wood paneled basement. There was a tool closet tucked away in the back and upon opening the door to the closet I see this sticker affixed to the back of the door:


I immediately recognized the logo as the Ballantine Brewery logo and instantly knew that this was it, this was the house for us. Walking through the rest of the basement we found patches from Ballantine Brewery and other AB paraphernalia. This got me to thinking if the owner worked for the now defunct Ballantine Brewery in Newark, NJ or the still open AB Brewery and my imagination ran wild. Was he a Brewmaster? Was he instrumental in their success? Did he like craft beer?  The questions didn’t stop but one thing did, our search for a home and we put in an offer that day.

After two months of going through a tedious home sale, we finally purchased our first home and I’m happy to say that we are officially homeowners all thanks to beer and a beautiful house.