Beer Glassware

We get so many hits on our site looking for the appropriate beer glassware that  I thought it was only fitting that I put together a video on which glasses to use with different beers. In this video I outline the major glasses and describe their design and use. The glasses covered are:

Pilsner Glass
Pint Glass (nonic and tumbler)
Tulip Glass

Starter Glass Alternatives

Pint and Over-sized Red Wine Glass

The alternative or starter glassware can also be found in my post How to Start Your Beer Glassware Collection for $4.57 . In this post I run down how to start your collection using glasses found in Ikea for a dirt cheap price.

For all those thinking “well what about this glass or that glass” there are many different types of beer glassware and I couldn’t fit them all into this 10 minute video, so what I tried to do was outline the most widely used glasses. Hopefully with this beginners approach to beer glassware you too can branch out and find your favorite glass.

Assorted Beer Glassware

Assorted Beer Glassware