Pretzel Necklace

Beer festival season has commenced and there is great beer to be consumed and there is something that is often forgotten,  the Pretzel Necklace, that is right, the pretzel necklace.  If you are like me, a brother likes a to have a little snack in between the barrel aged stouts and IPAs and I am not about to pay $17 for a hot dog.  The pretzel necklace is easy, convenient and provides you some much necessary carbs to keep you going throughout the festival.  If you are a pretzel necklace noob, I got you.  Follow the step by step instruction to prep yourself for the next festival that you are about to wreak havoc upon.

1. Find some string

Pretzel Necklace Rope

This string should be sturdy and withstand some tugging and gnawing.  Some twine, kite string or even a (clean) shoe lace will work.  Avoid dental floss…you don’t need to toss your pretzels during the event.  Make sure the string is long enough to be comfortable and if you have a big head like me…long enough to fit over your dome.

2. Get some pretzels…of course

Pretzel Necklace Pretzel Bowl

The pretzel choice is personal preference.  I prefer to go with the mini-twists.  Mostly because I like to be able to snag a pretzel or two without biting off a 1/4 pounder and having to down it.  Either way, mini or large twists will work.  Don’t buy pretzel sticks….think about it.  String on the pretzels on sting until you have a satisfactory amount. Always string more than you think you will eat.

3. Get creative with some added items for a well balanced meal

Pretzel Necklace Hotsauce

While you are stringing on those twisted pieces of salty deliciousness, add some of your other favorite snacks. This could be jerky, or vegan jerky in my case, cheese sticks, dried fruit (think dried pineapple rounds, dried oranges, etc)  or whatever else you little heart desires.

Pretzel Necklace Fruit

Just as you will enjoy various beers during the event, it is also good to have a smorgasbord around your neck. Dried lemons would make a fantastic palate cleanser by the way!

4. Go forth and eat, drink and be merry! 

Pretzel Necklace Hermen
Now you are ready to rock that beer festival like a seasoned pro! Once you wear the necklace of the beer gods, you will wonder why you never did so earlier.  Drink some great beer, snack between beverages and long live the pretzel necklace!  #carbloading