I’ve never been a fan of winter/seasonal beers per se. Meaning that I never really kept an eye out for them just until recently but if they were around I’d try ’em. Honestly I’ve taken more of an interest in them since joining The Keg Tap team. So tonight I tasted a winter ale from a good organic brewery in Portland, HUB or Hopworks Urban Brewery which I blogged about here a few months ago. The Abominable Winter Ale (7.3 ABV, 70 IBU) aka A-Bomb. It had a dark auburn color and robust head. The ubiquitous fruity smell of hoppy beer was distinct. The taste was not what I was expecting and for some reason the word diluted kept popping up. This isn’t terrible beer but like my buddy always says “its nothing to write home to mom about.” I like the artsy label, though.