ice cream and beer

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In the constantly evolving world of craft beer, new trends often emerge. Some come and go, others are in it for the the long haul. One notable example is beer and food pairing. Granted this is not new because of craft beer, but with the assortment of flavors available in craft it does give us more options when pairing them with food. When all the market really offered us were three different types of light pilsners to drink and match with our food, options were limited. Now, with a vast array of flavor palates within beer itself, a whole new door of possibilities is opened. How far we’ve come from those days.

An idea that I had the other night – much akin to beer and food pairing – was to pair a beer with my dessert. Yes folks, matching booze with sweets is a real thing. And no, this isn’t a new thing either, but because I had the urge and the idea came to mind I went with it. Others have incorporated alcohol in their desserts for generations, so I’m not going out on a stretch here. But I will say I’ve never paired ice cream and beer. I’ll be honest, the results were better than even I expected. I took a bowl of Cookies & Cream ice cream and paired it up with a bottle of Founder’s Dirty Bastard. It was glorious!

Ice Cream and Beer

Pairing Cookies & Cream ice cream and Founders Dirty Bastard

I couldn’t believe how well the caramel and toffee backbone of the Scotch Ale – aka Wee Heavy – delivered a rich yet not cloying sweetness, with a nice blend of dark fruit and the aforementioned candies, but one that seemed earthy and hearty enough to play off the first spoonful of creamy deliciousness I got from the ice cream. The alcohol bite of 8.5% ABV and the sweetness of the cream and cookie danced a tasty tango of epic proportions. First of all, the ice cream itself is quite diverse. The creaminess in the ice cream meets the dark cocoa taste of the cookie, providing a nice contrast in itself. Match that with some really good beer and you’ve got a dinner date from heaven. The flavor spectrum was so wide that each pull off my glass and each spoonful I took out of the bowl made the following sample a little more pronounced. Not to mention, they just both tasted damn good together. It was a great one-off. I hadn’t planned this type of pairing, I just thought that they would offer a nice contrast and pair well together. So I gave it a shot. What could go wrong? I’m happy to know I was right.

These two options are certainly not your only chance to experience a great ice cream and beer pairing. This is just the one that I was wanting to try and am happy to say I found quite a bit of enjoyment in them. If you think outside the box a little, you can probably come up with some great combos to try. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll be enjoying a nice drink with dessert. Both are sure to provide you with comfort. The struggle is real.

Check out the links below for some other ideas on several desserts and a good beer to pair them with. Forget the coffee with dessert, let’s give this a try instead. Cheers!

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