Does beer define us? Does beer show who we are as a person? Is the type of beer we drink a calling card to the type of person we are? With all of the styles and flavors out there, what we drink is a personal statement on who we are. Does the beer make the (wo)man or the (wo)man make the beer?

Some might define me as a know it all, with a strong conviction, a bit of a perfectionist, a straight shooter and almost middle aged. Add a little alcohol in me and that personality transforms into a socialite, that wants to have fun, crack jokes and have everyone else around me have fun too. The challenge here is to take that personality and mash it all together, boil it down and bottle it into one beer that defines Irving. So if I were a beer what would I be?

A strong personality needs a strong beer, so a beer high in ABV, check. A perfect beer for me would have coffee in it, check! A straight shooting no nonsense beer would be a stout, check! Middle aged, Barrel aged same thing, check. A beer that likes to get everyone turnt up, has to come in a big enough bottle to serve to multiple people, bomber sized. Lastly, I’m a Jersey kid so yeah, its got to come from an exit off of the Garden State Parkway.

Mix all those up and you get an Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Stout from Jersey. So if I were a beer I’d without a doubt be A Night to End All Dawns with Dark Roast Coffee from Kane Brewing Company.

A Night To End All Dawns


What would you be? What beer best defines you?