Piraat Ale 10.5% ABV

In mainstream American cinema, often times what defines a well balanced story is one that has a beginning, middle and end. Our sense of a linear timeline where “A whole is what has a beginning and middle and end” – Aristotle, permeates our modern day culture and allows us to think less because the dramatic arc has been predefined. Translating that classical sense of dramatic arc into real life, often opens the door of disappointment, leaving us lost in a world full of questions and so few answers.

Life is linear and accompanying that sense of direction comes structure, with structure you have purpose, with purpose you have understanding and with understanding have fulfillment. Life is a three act play right? With that I give you the story of my dear buddy Ryan Casey, a friend that never finish his dramatic story, who left his play before it’s conclusion and left in uncertain and open ended terms.

I knew Ryan Casey for a brief three years but in those three years I developed a friendship with him that I will carry forever. He was the first new good friend I made in over a decade and that friendship endured even beyond our employment. Once we moved on to different employers we often times could be found in the nearest watering hole imbibing on craft brews, eating, debating politics and throwing witty jabs at each other.

When we weren’t drinking together he would text me different beers he was having and on April 29, 2012 I received the final beer he would ever text me: ” I’m drinking ‘piraat’ beer. It comes in a funny bottle, has a pirate on the label, and tastes a bit like orange flavored cough syrup” – Ryan Casey. Little did I know that five days after that text, I would never get to share another beer with him because his story came to an abrupt end.

In memory of Ryan Casey, I wanted to try the beer he text me about and retrace his foot steps that Sunday afternoon.

Requiescat in pace Ryan M Casey.

Ryan Casey

Requiescat in pace Ryan Casey