Last night the Keg Tap team got together and tasted three beers: Unibroue La TerribleUinta Crooked Line – Cockeyed Cooper and Allagash White.

The hardiest beer was by far the Cockeyed Cooper, the aging in the oak barrel for five months really defines the beer and gives it a hardy bold flavor. At one point it was described as drinking liquor and not beer but we all finished our helping and enjoyed our sample of beer.

The first thing you notice when you pour La Terrible is it’s dark color, very similar to stout but with very little head. This beer had a lot going on with very complex flavors and strong alcohol content at 10.5%. Overall it was a great beer that deserves a place on your table.

Lastly we sampled Allagash White which was a great escape from the two previous very dark heavy complex ales. Since we had these in a four pack we tried straight from the bottle first then poured the rest in the appropriate glass according to the directions on the side. This beer must be consumed according to the directions because the beer was ok from the bottle (tasting similar to Hoegaarden) but great from the glass.  We won’t give too much away and will let our drinkers do the rest of the writing.

Until next tasting…  Stay Thirsty!