Like gitty school children, the Keg Tap gang awed in amazement at the 15 plus page list of the tap and bottle beer menu at the Iron Monkey in Jersey City, NJ. We studied it, some salivating over the pages but in the end it was too massive of a list to conquer, so we decided to forego the list and just go and wing it (which would later prove to be a wise decision).

It was raining this night, so we didn’t have the chance to sit on the roof  instead we opted to sit and eat on the second level. Nice decor, nice staff and the best part, it wasn’t crowded(maybe because of the rain). We are greeted promptly and given the beer bible, a massive list of all 300 plus bottles and tap beer in the bar. This list was great because every beer had a detailed description of it’s flavor profile, which made it easy to look for your preferred style and read which flavors you want.  We all took our time choosing beers, since the list was so long, placed our order and after a few minutes two of us were sadly disappointed with the waiter returning to tell us they are out of those beers. Ok fair enough, we chose other beers and waited only to have the waiter return a second time to break our hearts again with the news that they are out of that one too. This time he brought back up,  another beer buddy with him to help us choose something to our likings and this time we chose two beers, just in case. Sadly a third time the manager came back to inform us that they do not have either of those beers. What to do?  There’s a list of over 300 beers in front of us and 4 beers we just asked for were not there. What’s a KT guy to do? He asked our preferred styles of beers and tastes and after a few minutes he returned with a bottle of Victory 12 and we were finally off to drinking. We aren’t here to review beers just the bar, so I’ll skip the Victory 12 review and just tell you it was a hoppy quadruple.

After enjoying our meals, it had finally stopped raining so we had the pleasure of enjoying the night air and meeting people that would change our image of the Iron Monkey. We had a great bartender named Chelsea, who was a great attentive bartender and made our night great. One drink led to another and Jason M told her we from KT and had Steve, the owner, and Brant, the Beer Manager, come out to speak with us. These gentlemen are stand up guys and I spoke to Brant for a long time about beers and possibilities for the Iron Monkey. If you are there ask for Brant and run some beer knowledge by him and he’s sure to keep up with your conversation. Brant also promised they would updates the beer menu and after looking on Monday,  he is a man of his word. Steve brought us out a bottle of Firestone Parabola for us to taste and it truly was a great beer, Thank you Steve.

All in all we had a great night, which started horribly by being touted a beer drinkers bar and not having those four beers but the staff turned our frowns upside down and made the night great. Would I go there again for a drink? Yes. Would I encourage others to go there for a drink? Yes. The Keg Tap can be a bunch of beer snobs that have discerning palettes, at times, but there are tons of other things that would have been just fine for most. KT recommends you stop by the Iron Monkey for a drink and enjoy your stay.

Side Note: Iron Monkey is always doing some brewery night, so check out their website at and check out which brewer is coming next.