Free Beer

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Free Beer? Why Yes!

On any given day I can comb through emails and find at least a half dozen press kits sitting waiting to be opened, normally this is a good thing. See when it first happened I was overjoyed that we were being noticed and that someone wanted to send us free beer. I happily jumped head first into the post and they kept coming. More beer, more opportunities, more products, I even had the opportunity to spend the day with Brewmaster of Pabst Greg Deuhs shooting videos. How awesome is that?

It took a beer that I didn’t like to jar me back to reality and shake up my conviction and marriage to free product placement. I shot a video and upon first sip I knew this wasn’t a good beer but I pushed through with the review and in the end, published the review. I was as honest as I could have been but in that moment of decision on whether to post the review or not, I came to realize something. I came to realize that this company reached out to me purely for marketing reasons and we are giving them free internet time for one free beer and that one free beer is not worth my integrity. Side note: I knew that that post would be the downfall of my relationship with that company but I published it anyway and you know what, I never heard from them again. :/

Today I received an email from another PR company asking me to respond if I wanted a press sample. I did and they responded asking me to send them our reader statistics. That threw me for a loop and made me once again question if this free product placement was worth the integrity of our site. Is one beer worth what they are asking for? We’ve received press samples from big names in the beer world and not once has anyone ever asked for that information. If you wanted to buy ad space on the site, yes I would send that to you, but no, one beer is not worth the price of admission. Sorry!

I realize now that nothing is ever truly free and this brings me full circle while I love beer, free beer can come with a heavy burden.

Drink wisely.