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A Puerto Rican, a Dominican and 2 Mexicans walk into a bar! Wait have you heard this one before? Probably not!

Over the past three years that I’ve been writing about beer, I strove to take this funny/whimsical angle with my posts. I thought that if I could make people laugh they would read my posts and finish the entire entry without stopping half way through. Some posts I’ve taken a slightly serious tone and really touched on some deeply personal issues, like my Alcoholism and Craft Beer post or Home Buying Experience but there’s one part of my identity that I haven’t touched on so much, my heritage. I’m not sure why I neglected to highlight my heritage but its something that I never really talked about. My piece on The Quandary of Latinos and Beer had some good traction but only highlighted why I thought Latinos didn’t fully embrace craft beer but did nothing to illuminate the current state of Latinos in craft beer. I skirted the topic and infused it into the site without being overt and obnoxious but I am doing myself an injustice and today that changes.

#LatinosinCraftBeer! I hash tagged that out last week and I was amazed to find that no one has ever used that before. It got me thinking about the narrative of Latinos in craft beer and how that story is either not being told or non-existent. With this site I have the opportunity to change that, I have the opportunity to begin that dialogue and expose the craft beer world to our story. Like so many other facets of American culture Latinos are under represented in craft beer. I personally have tried to search and reach out to Latinos in craft beer and have only found a handful, most of whom are drinkers on this site. Does that mean Latinos do not embrace craft beer? Does that mean Latinos do not exist outside of my small enclave of  Northern Jersey? Does this mean that we are alone? So many questions yet so few answers.

Over the course of the coming months I will begin to tailor my posts and explore these questions, hopefully unraveling the quandary of Latinos in craft beer. I have already begun to reach out to our Latino readers and Latino breweries (oh yes they exist.) My goal in the coming months is to begin that conversation of Latinos in Craft Beer and highlight an under represented sect of the industry. Please join me and reach out to me if you know of anyone/anything I should be looking at or paying attention to.