My buddy Ryan and I went to the organic Laurelwood Public House & Brewery in Northeast PDX on 51st and Sandy for happy hour after work tonight. I’ve tasted two beers from this brewery before (seasonal Vinter Varmer and Gearhead IPA) and blogged about them for the KT. We sat in the bar area and were attended to by the bartender. Not much of the smiling type she was however suitably attentive given that there was a good crowd at the bar and she and the other staff were busy. We ordered from their happy hour menu and we got fish tacos and pork sliders really fast. The hamburger took a little longer. The food was good but since I took too long reading about the pub’s beers by the time I got to the second taco that came with my order the tortillas were soaked with juices from the meat that it began to fall apart. A soaked falling apart tortilla is no bueno for this Chicano, ha. But like I already said the food was good and tasty too. The price of the food and of the beer was reasonable for Portland standards, as well.

Typically I like to order the beer sampler when I visit a brewery for the first time but I decided not to this time because I was driving and didn’t want to end up in jail afterwards. So I decided to try two of their seasonals instead: the Moose and Squirrel Russian Imperial Stout (8 ABV, 55 IBU) and the Arctic Apocalypse cascadian dark IPA (9 ABV, 100+ IBU). I didn’t write any notes about the beer’s impressions to me which I usually like to do so I can remember details for the post so I’m gonna comment on only certain aspects of the beer whether I enjoyed them or not. I’m not a big fan of stouts but I decided to try Moose and Squirrel anyway because its description just looked interesting. Also, I’ve never had a dark IPA before so this hophead was looking forward to trying the Apocalypse. Immediately the color of both beers stood out like a rich person at a welfare office. They were the same. Dark black and opaque. Even the fluffy heads appeared identical. If I were to have seen them side by side in similar glasses before tasting them I wouldn’t have been able to guess which was which. For a stout I like Moose and Squirrel. If I have to chose a stout to drink in the future when amongst stout heads this would be my choice. And the Arctic Apocalypse? Damn straight I’d drink it again and am thinking about filling up some growlers at the pub for my drinking pleasure at home. This seasonal IPA trounces on the Gearhead IPA. Cheers!

Google maps
Laurelwood Public House & Brewery
5115 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon
(503) 282-0622