Long Trail Double Bag photo by BohemianTraveler of flickr.com

Long Trail Double Bag photo by BohemianTraveler of flickr.com

Long Trail Double Bag – 7.2% ABV

Another interesting find from some time ago, I got my hands on a few different varieties from Long Trail Brewing Co. This little brewery from Bridgewaters Corners, VT has already enticed me with their Brewmaster Series Coffee Stout. That was a fine libation. What to say about this one? This is a double altbier, which is German for “old beer.” It is called as such because it is styled like a german brown ale, mellowed and aged for an extended period of time, allowing the smooth ale flavor to shine while reducing the tartness or crispness in the beer.

Upon pouring the Double Bag, I received a pretty nice head, but that disappeared quickly and completely after the first few pulls. A little bit of lacing stuck around, but not enough to write home about. The color is clear deep amber/light brown. Very lightly carbonated. The nose is malty and bready, with a touch of hops. I get the sense that this will have quite a bit of earthiness to it. Another all-malt superstar perhaps. Not very hoppy, the flavor that comes through is of dark caramel, toffee and toasted malt, with sort of a smoky or nutty aspect to it. This finished nicely, leaving me with that malty breadiness and faint caramel notation.

So what to say about Double Bag? While it’s not awe-inspiring, it is a pretty darn good beer. Maybe I’m jaded from having tried so many other varieties before this. Perhaps I need to go another round with this one on a clean palate. My best suggestion is for you to do the same. The best way for you to find out how much you like it is to give it the old college try and experiment a little. I must give you a warning though, I don’t know if this one is the best choice for any newbies out there who are still a little wet behind the ears. Better leave this one to the more experienced beer aficionados until you’ve graduated to these more complex offerings. You’ve got to raise that palate and sense of taste to be a good boy, well trained and a chip off the ol’ block. But if you’re bold enough and dare to get after it, more power to you. I hope you learn a lot from your new discovery. I think I’ll go pop open another one. Further research is required…


Long Trail Double Bag