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Loser Pale Ale (7.0% ABV, 57 IBU)

What caught my eye first when I saw this beer was the name. I think its safe to say that most people would, with a big loser across the label. Its a pale ale and above the word loser is the phrase “Corporate Beer Still Sucks.” Well said. The micro is officially called Loser Pale Ale (7.0% ABV, 57 IBU) and comes from a northwest brewery Elysian Brewing Company wich is located in Seattle. This respectfully tasting beer had a fluffy head and presented with a cloudy, opaque copper color. The citrusy smell was strong with hints of bold lemon. The beer goes down well and the finish is malty bitter.

Loser Pale Ale really reminds me of an IPA. Its got all of the characteristics. Further it also seems a bit more carbonated which from what I read is usually the other way around; IPAs taste more carbonated. Anyway, I liked this brew and recommend it. Cheers.