Cerveza Sign

Why do I gravitate towards craft beer? ABOVE ALL, I love the taste of craft beer! That’s it article over! Ok if I had to outline more I’ll try. I love the craft beer community. I love exploring new things. I love being on the forefront of a movement that is taking over the nation. I love challenging the norm. I love craft beer because I’m me and because it tastes so damn good when it hits your lips.

According to a recent article posted by Nielsen, inferences from the statistics of the Latino beer market have me loving craft beer because I like cold refreshing fruity beers, I speak Spanish, I love music and sports and that I’m almost certainly Mexican.

Ok so who am I really? I’m a Jersey kid with Puerto Rican blood, who hates fruity beers, I do like sports and yes I speak Spanish. The music thing, come on who doesn’t love music? Have you ever met someone that says that hate music? (apparently they do exist though). In all fairness two of the writers on this site are Mexican but they aren’t drinking Budweiser Cheladas and I’m not even sure if they really speak Spanish fluently! Take that Nielsen!

Here’s the article: http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/news/2014/hispanics-hop-on-the-latest-beer-trends.html

There’s so much misinformation in this article that I can only joke about it because otherwise there would be some furniture moving in my house. What bothers me most about this article is not that it’s partially written by a Latina or that they think bilingual Millennials relate more to Spanish marketing or that because Hispanic-centric convenience stores sold more beer to Latinos than their counterparts they term us “lazy” I’m sorry “convenience channel.” No, none of this gets my britches more in a bunch than knowing that here we are five Latino beer bloggers on one site, writing twice a week about what we love and hate and they total screw it all up! Are you kidding me! How can you screw up our likes if we are feeding it to you on a plate wrapped in a tortilla with a side of pernil!

If you want to know what we like ASK US! WE ARE HERE! This is part of the reason why marketers like those at Nielsen will never understand nor be effective at marketing beer to Latinos. Open your eyes and ears and maybe you too can stop with the pendejadas!

Rant over!