It has been a while since I have written a beer review.  This is not because I don’t have much to say about the tasty beers I drink, but mostly because I have never had the spirit move me enough to take to the keyboard.  That was the case until I had Melvin IPA.  Wow!  This IPA made me remember why I love this style so much.


Right up front comes this wonderfully rounded grapefruit with a slight note of pith.  The malt sweetness is evident but gives way to this medium resin and pine aroma. The aroma on this beer is really fantastic and reminds me of some of my west coast favorites.


A great frothy white head that lingers.  Bright golden orange color with fantastic clarity.  Call me a clarity snob, but I really do appreciate a brilliantly clear IPA, especially in a time when the hazy IPAs are all the rage.


That grapefruit in the aroma comes through strong on the first sip.  Wonderfully balanced malt bill is just enough to cut that initial bitterness of the resin forward hops.  The malt really dominates in the middle with some nice biscuit sweetness that one might get from some Munich malt in the profile.  A medium-high lingering bitterness of pine.


For a rather sweet IPA, it finishes rather dry and has a medium-light body that carries well.  No astringency from the hops.  Again, a really well balanced beer.


This beer really delivers on a solid IPA.  No doubt about it.  I think one of the reason I enjoy it so much is because it is an IPA that doesn’t try to hard.  Meaning, not over the top fruitiness, has great clarity, balanced but hoppy enough for a hop-head  and easy drinking considering it is 7.5%.  Again, a great example of a impeccably brewed beer  with careful attention to all components and ingredients.  Well done Melvin Brewing!

From the Melvin Brewing Website:

You can’t always get what you want….. but sometimes you get lucky. It’s all about the right hops, at the right time. This is how Melvin Grew Up. Fruity, Intense, but not bitter like the rest of them. As long as you don’t take advantage, we think this is the hoppiest relationship you could ask for…hold my hand? ABV 7.5%