I’m not sure when it happened but it hit me hard and very suddenly. Like a violent tremor in the middle of the night, it shook up everything I loved about beer and made me question purchases and shy away from taking risks. Maybe it was having a new baby! Maybe it was purchasing a new home! Maybe it was the beer scene itself! Whatever the cause, over the past six month my beer personality has changed and rapidly devolved into some sort of monotony of beer and styles. Beer has lost some of it’s luster and the grandeur of tasting the latest and greatest, has faded like my favorite band t-shirt. I have traveled down a road in my beer journey that has me drinking familiar beers and sticking with familiar styles, not knowing how I got here and making me question my future in beer.

It started with Founders Porter, I love that beer so much that I realize I’ve purchased entirely too much of the beer in the past 2 months and last weekend I was at the beer store looking for something to purchase and I couldn’t decide on anything (which is usually the case). I then reached out and grabbed a familiar friend Founders Porter and as I made a B line for the checkout line I stopped and turned around saying to myself “no I must pick something different this time.” So I stood there amongst the sea of beers and found nothing I wanted. Then I narrowed it down to Porters and tried to pick a Porter that would fancy my palate, nothing lit a fire under my britches. That was the moment I realized that I’ve dug myself into the abyss of porters (namely Founders Porter) and I don’t want to leave.

There are beers that would probably satisfy my palate even more like Ballast Point Victory at Sea or Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald but I’m comfortable right where I’m at and I don’t see any need to move. See the problem I have with buying beers like Victory at Sea is that for $10-$12(cost of a bomber) I could get a six pack of Founders Porter. Why should I waste the money on a beer I’m going to have once versus a beer that’s going to last me the week. I rather have longevity than a beer I’m going to drink in one or two sittings and there in lies a problem and the reason I’ve fallen into this quandary of beer.  See I’m too lazy to trade beers with other folks and too cheap to buy the latest and greatest. See I love beer but with a mortgage, a car payment and my gas bill increasing with every snowstorm in the Northeast, I just don’t have the funds.

I don’t know maybe this is just a winter funk and this porter craze is just a fad which will change over time, who knows. Right now though, I’m happy to have such a great beer and at the same time sad, that I’ve fallen into this monotony of beer.