No Label What the Hatch ABV: 6 % IBU: 17

We bounce back on Wednesday with Some Tex-Mex Flavor!!!  Yes,  its almost Cinco de Mayo,  and its time to get our grill on.  We use No Label’s What the Hatch to spice up our Grilled Beef Fajitas.  That’s not all, we also go above and beyond by adding some grilled veggies into the mix, of course we include beer with those as well.  Tune in to see Keith’s “Grito”, and how we made this southwestern staple.

From No Label Brewery website:

What the Hatch Ale

Many people commented to us as we brewed Don Jalapeño Ale, “you should really do something with hatch chiles.” Well, you ask and you shall receive.

Staying consistent with the concept of Don Jalapeño Ale, What the Hatch Ale is brewed using real hatch chiles. All hatch chiles are roasted over an open fire. The base of this beer, just like our Jalapeño Ale, is the Pale Horse.

Food pairings: Hamburgers, BBQ, wings, spicy food, salads, cheeses

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No Label What the Hatch