Odell IPA 7% ABV 60 IBU

I love when I’m not expecting much from a beer and I get smacked in the face like Charlie Murphy by Rick James. Its those moments where you think you had the best or tried one of the best styles of a particular beer and then have something that reminds you why you love beer. While I pride myself on the amount of beers I’ve had, there are so many beers out there that haven’t had the privilege of gracing my lips.

With that enters Odell IPA from Colorado a beer that I wasn’t expecting much from, but when it showed up, it was ready to party. These are those beer moments I live for, these are the moments that reestablish my passion for beer and drive me to share my beer journey with you all. Enjoy the video above and let me know what you think in the comments section.

Odell IPA photo