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Victory Prima Pils – 5.3% ABV 

Greetings beer lovers! Time for another exciting review by yours truly. This time we go after the Prima Pils, brewed by Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA. This was a fun adventure. I’ve stated before about my aversion to hoppy beers, but little by little I’m growing more fond of them. Well, at least more tolerant. Like my profile says, I want to expand my horizons. And because for me this is an acquired taste, I better taste a few times to get properly acclimated. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the strongest and most bitter of the hoppy beers like Founders Devil Dancer, but then something like a mid-range IPA doesn’t suit my palate. It’s all a matter of taste.

This one was very reminiscent of a European-style pilsner. In fact, this is classified as a German or Bohemian Pilsner. Something like what you’d expect from such larger names as Beck’s, Carlsberg or St. Pauli Girl. Thankfully, I’ve had all these other beers so I know what to expect from this one. This is what to look for – First, the color. Straw-to-light golden blonde is the predominant color for this style of beer. The color of this Prima Pils was right on target. It poured a slightly hazy light golden-yellow straw color, produced a nice fluffy white head that stayed around for a while. Next bit of comparison shopping? The aroma.

When sniffing out a German Pilsner, the first thing you may notice is the pungent herbal or floral aroma. This is present is in the Prima Pils. Grassy, grainy kind of smell, but with plenty of lemon, citrus and pine. That means hops. It gave me reservations as many of these do, because when I get a skunky smell, I’m expecting a skunky taste. Luckily this was pretty mellow for a pilsner, with the flavor being dominated by lemon citrus with just a little underlying hop bitterness and a nice crisp finish. This is quite pleasant. The malt profile is there, but it is light and under the table, allowing the citrus to shine through and the crisp hop finish to seal the deal. It’s nicely balanced for a beer of this style. Like I said, I’m not really big on those tart, sourmouth bitter pale varieties, but this is pretty nice.

Expect a little bit of tartness if you try this and haven’t been accustomed to a German-style Pilsner before. But if you’re someone who likes pale ales, IPAs, etc., you’ll be right at home. Normally I wouldn’t go out and buy one if I just liked it after reviewing it, but this is something I think I could have time and again, especially now that the weather is warming up and the season is just right for it. As a side note, Prima in Germany means great or greatness. And almost obviously, Pils is short for Pilsner. This Prima Pils is an accurate description of this particular take on the German Pilsner style of beer. Cheers!


Victory Prima Pils