I grew up living in a passion fruit heaven where limber (popsicles), batidos (shakes) and jugos (juices) were and are the go to fruit next to coconut. You want to live? Go grab a batido de parcha(passion fruit shake), sit on Luquillo beach, eat a papa rellena and watch the beautiful Puerto Rican water. It has always been one of my favorite juices and I still look for it on menus when I’m out. About two years ago I came across Galaxy hopped beer and I was so enamored by its similarity to parcha that I fell in like with the hop. I brewed a beer with the hops, I tried as many commercially available beers as I could made with it and sometimes I like to strip down to my skivvies and smear it all over my body, I even hear its good pa’ la prostata (unconfirmed).

Another hop that has the similar passion fruit profile similar to Galaxy is Nelson Sauvin hops. I had Alpine Nelson about a year ago and it changed my world. Today I have the fortune of tasting one of the better Nelson Sauvin hopped beers I’ve had, Modern Times Blazing World. Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Life is Brewtiful!