perfect 6 pack

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In a time when craft beer is plentiful and options seem endless, I was recently asked by my wife “what is your perfect six pack?”.  I uttered a few beers and that got me thinking…if I only had six beers to drink for the rest of my life, what would they be?  When I say it “got me thinking” I mean I spent a crazy amount of time considering this asinine question.  Below are the beers that I eventually decided would make up my perfect 6 pack.

The Perfect 6 Pack

pivo pilsPivo Pils by Firestone Walker

I love pilsners.  This is hands down one of my favorite styles and Pivo Pils always exceeds my expectations.  This hop forward pilsner really provides me with everything I look for in a pilsner.  I love the fact that the hops shine bright on the aroma with great earthy and floral noble character yet the light sweetness of the  pilsner malt evident.  The finish is dry yet a hop bitterness lingers inviting for another sip.  By far one of my favorite beers and I could drink this on the daily.

odell ipaOdell IPA

No dream six pack is complete without a solid IPA. I have drank a fair number of IPAs over the years and Odell is one that has withstood the test of time.  I had this beer at a local beer festival 2 days after moving to Colorado and upon my first sip I vividly remember saying “Wow. This IPA is something special.”  Ever since then it has maintained a steady rotation in my fridge and is one of my go-to beers.  This west-coast inspired IPA, yet not a total hop bomb, delivers a fantastic bouquet of hop aroma and flavor.  The citrus on the nose with some some evident caramel malt followed by this range of hop flavor that meld so wonderfully with the bready malt character.  By far one of the most beautifully made IPAs in the land which is why I added it to my dream team of beer.

founders breakfast stoutFounders Breakfast Stout

To be honest, I am not a regular stout drinker but this beer has always been a go-to for me when I am in the mood for a malty beverage.  Founders consistently delivers great beers and this one is no exception.  The coffee and chocolate aroma on this one is out of this world and reminds me of great things to come.  The taste of malt sweetness but rounded nicely with coffee and chocolate provides a great pivot point.  The creaminess and mouthfeel of this beer is one of the things I love the most.  The oats provide this great mouthfeel that coats the cheeks and lingers on the tongue. This beer deserves a spot in the pack.

westbrook goseWestbrook Gose 

A quality Gose is one thing I am a sucker for.  The tart mixed with salt and spice is something that brings all my senses to attention.  I love my Gose on the salty side which is why I love this beer so much.  That paired with the lemon flavor profile with a slight white wine acidity bite is absolutely fantastic.  The malt bill (pilsner and wheat) provide this light body and dry crisp finish keeps inviting me back for more.  A great salt forward Gose that strikes my fancy consistently.

new glarus serendipity
New Glarus Serendipity 

This is a beer that I don’t drink often, but when I do, its for a good reason and never disappoints.  When my wife asked me about my dream six pack, she quickly followed up with “serendipity better be in there”.  As you might guess, it is one of her favorites also.  This sweet and juicy beer tastes like a fruit stand in liquid form.  I always get a great deal of cranberry and apple out of this beer both on aroma and flavor.  Not the most beautiful beer to look at but what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in aroma and flavor.  The carbonation level carries this beer fantastically and the body on this beer is out of this world.  So, while this makes it into the dream team of beer, it would likely be saved for special occasions because special beers deserve to be treated special.

half acre daisy cutter

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Half Acre Daisy Cutter

Can’t go wrong with a solid APA in at the mix.  Daisy cutter gives me everything that I love in an APA and has quickly become of of my favorites.  It starts with this intense citrus yet earthy (grass and pine) hop aroma with light bready sweetness.  Flavor is all-american hops full of citrus and resin but tamed by the malt bill that gives a slight cracker taste.  Overall a hop-forward yet balanced APA….just the way I like it.

So, there it is…the dream 6 pack.  You may be wondering why I picked these beers instead of some of the typical hard to find, double barrel aged, 15%+ whales of beers.  I picked these because when I seriously sat down and thought of beers that I would want to drink forever, I went to the beers that meet my wants on a consistent basis.  My question to you is, what is your dream 6 pack? Comment below with your 6 beers.