pernil and beer

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In my house the usual fare for any big party is normally big, rich, Puerto Rican dishes that make you question your comfort level with your midriff and test your willpower! Pernil is usually fatty, seasoned well with garlic, oregano, salt and pepper and a whole lot of love! WEPA!!  But what beer goes well with pernil? What can I take and place against the pernil that will stand up to the rich fatty garlic flavor? Here are two options:

Baltic Porter

This style of beer is normally a tad higher in alcohol, has a roasted quality that matches up nicely against the pork and has a slight accidic quality that cuts into the fattiness of the pork. This one is for the dark beer lovers, yes they are big beers, yes they will fill you up too but YOU’RE EATING PERNIL so mete mano y aprovechate!

Pernil and Beer Porters

Pernil and Beer examples: Flying Dog Gonzo and Smuttynose Baltic Porter

Flying Dog Gonzo   |||
   Smuttynose Baltic Porter


This style of beer is higher in bitterness/acidity which helps to cut down on the fat of the pork and are fairly refreshing which make this not only good for fatty foods but good for everything. There are so many examples to choose from but here are my go to IPAs that have a fairly wide distribution. Any high quality IPA would go well so sit back with your cuero in hand and relax!

Pernil and Beer IPA

Pernil and Beer IPA

Ballast Point Sculpin   |||
   Firestone Walker Union Jack   |||
   Stone Enjoy By

Das it mi gente! Now you can have your pernil with arroz con gandules and a side of maduros while sipping on the perfect accompaniment. You hungry yet? :) I know I am.


As a side note: my family has been known to baste pernil with a lager of some kind. But that’s pure hearsay.