Phat Matt’s IPA (7% ABV, 64 IBU)

Man, have I mentioned here that I love IPAs? I’m both a student and a slave of the hop infused liquidity sustenance known as a micro IPA. I always get excited when a new one drenches my palate. Which is what happened for this post’s tasting. Cruising the micro section of a nearby convenience store I saw Phat Matt’s IPA (7% ABV, 64 IBU) and I instantly grabbed it. I’m not really sure why but I wonder if the label’s pic of the phat dude looks like your’s truly. Ha.

This phatty comes in as one of the darker looking IPAs that I’ve tasted with an opaque dark copper color, it had a disappointingly weak head. The expected IPA odor of citrusy goodness emanated well. There was also a dark and bold malty smell which I tasted in the finish too. In reading it’s website’s description of the brew I see why I noticed some firsts, at least for me, in that they described this beer as a “British style IPA” which they go on to say “offers a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to a classic style of beer.” This bolder and mightier tasting brew reminded me somewhat of the Ninkasi Total Domination IPA that I previously wrote about here. In the end I enjoyed drinking Phat Matt’s IPA not because it’s similar to other IPAs but because its different. Cheers!