If you tried Hoegaarden and loved it, you must step up your game and get a six pack of Southampton Double White STAT! The beer has that light and fluffy Hoegaarden feel but with a slightly different smack to the face. Its like if the brewers at Hoegaarden accidently tripped on the ingredients and added more spices to a batch of brew. A more robust full flavored witbeer that is sure to please has just been born.

Ok let me try and describe this to you. It pours out a golden haze and shows some impressive head but that quickly dissipates so hurry and get your first sip in before the head is gone. It smells like hoppy spicy bananas. During your first sip, you get this weird funkiness that you can’t really describe, it just tastes like you got a bad beer, but wait there’s more. Push past that first sip and your tongue will instantly become BFFs with the beer. Its a spicy citrus banana hoppiness (say that 12 times fast) It borders the skunkiness but doesn’t quite get there and just leaves your tongue craving more.

I’m totally not a fan of the aftertaste. Its like they intentionally made it bad so that you would hurry up and take another sip, which you do. The beer itself is a good spicy fruity witbier in the same line as other greats such as Hoegaarden, Blue Moon and Sam Adams but Southampton stands apart by adding more flavor to the beer in the form of spices and frutiness.

If you like witbiers this is the beer for you just don’t I repeat don’t EVER EVER EVER put a slice of lemon or orange on top. It might be a nice novelty in the restaurants, but just makes you look like a douche at home. Drink responsibly!


Post Script: its pronounced WHO-Gaarden.