I’ve mentioned before that I’m getting married in less than two months – late August. For as much of a DIY kind of guy as I am, I decided it would be cool to not only buy beer for the reception, but also to have something on tap that most people would not be able to get up here. And what better way to provide for my guests than to give them some home brew? I borrowed the idea from my old high school and college friend Roger who lives in the Denver area. He brewed up several batches with his best man for a gathering prior to the rehearsal dinner for his wedding a couple years ago.

Pliny The Elder Clone

This weekend I took time out of my day to do an all-grain batch of a Pliny the Elder clone recipe. For those of you who live under a craft beer rock and are unfamiliar with the name, Pliny the Elder is a Double IPA brewed by Russian River Brewing Co. out of Santa Rosa, CA and is widely considered the best beer on the planet. The recipe is brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo’s very own, and I downloaded it from Russian River’s website. From what I understand, the recipe has possibly been tweaked over the years, but this is still his. My only hope is that I can come close to how he would have envisioned it.

I wanted to mention that I picked up my stuff from a local home brew shop relatively new to the area – The Thirsty Quaker. They are in downtown Jersey City on Monmouth Street and were very accommodating in helping me put this batch together. I first met these guys when pouring at the Chilltown Beer Festival a few months ago. Everyone remember that? Anyway, I just thought I’d drop their name out there for you locals who are looking for a good spot to pick up brewing supplies or craft beer/wine/liquor. Oh yeah, they double as a liquor store too. Check them out if you have a chance, and don’t forget to tell them I sent you.

See below for some pics and video of my day in action. Also please bestow on me some well wishes, not only for my marriage, but for my guests who will be tasting this newest concoction – I’m hoping and praying that this even comes close to meeting the standards people have when they hear the word Pliny. Especially my good friend Roger, he knows good home brew when he tastes it. Go big or go home right? In conclusion, my colleague Irving is also brewing a batch, a saison, for the same event. Like in the reality show Hell’s Kitchen, we will have comment cards for the guests to fill out and a final tally will be taken to see who wins at the end, i.e. red kitchen versus blue kitchen. Just kidding, everyone will enjoy them both I’m sure. I’ll have more for you on that after the big day. Cheers!