Russian River Pabst

Russian River Brewing and Pabst Brewing Company
Create Innovative Partnership

Supply and Demand Pave the Way for Forward Thinking Partnership

Santa Rosa, CA – April 1, 2016 – To celebrate its thirteen year anniversary Russian River Brewing Company proudly announces a landmark venture between Pabst Brewing Company. As the first major shifting of focus since its 2003 opening the Cilurzo family presents a new model for craft beer ventures by preserving its quality while pooling the extensive resources of Pabst Brewing Company in an unprecedented venture.

The new strategic partnership with Pabst Brewing Company provides Russian River with the ability to maintain it’s stake is the craft beer market while increasing its footing as one of the premiere craft breweries in the world. Vinnie Cilurzo, Co-Owner/Brewmaster of Russian River Brewing states that “we have stuck true to our stance on quality in brewing and will be taking that quality to a greater audience.” Under the alliance Russian River Brewing will have access to the vast distribution network of Pabst Brewing allowing Russian River to reach an audience previously unattainable to the small brewery in Santa Rosa, CA.

Recognizing the high demand for its quality craft beer Cilurzo states “As it turns out, demand is still greater than the supply” and to fulfill that demand they have turned to Pabst Brewing. With a world-class roster of beers Russian River seeks to further strengthen its standing in the marketplace by bringing highly sought after beers like Pliny the Elder to all corners of the globe.

The Russian River brewing leadership and employees will remain intact. Greg Deuhs, Master Brewer at Pabst Brewing has been looking for ways to cultivate the craft beer movement in America and has a storied history with forwarding that agenda. With his revival of iconic Ballantine IPA, a beer high received by the craft beer world and his latest revival Old Tankard, Deuhs understands the idea of quality in brewing and is one of the best shepherds of the Russian River beers. With his ability to stay true to an original recipe and provide consistency throughout the brewhouse with each and every batch, “Deuhs is bar none.”

About Pabst Brewing Company
In business since 1844, the Pabst Brewing Company is North America’s largest privately held brewing company. Pabst’s portfolio includes iconic brands with deep ties to America’s heritage such as Ballantine, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz, Colt 45, Old Style, Lone Star, Stroh’s, Old Milwaukee and Rainier. Pabst’s decision to re-launch Ballantine IPA after more than 30 years reflects the company’s recent move into the craft beer market where the company will maintain Peter Ballantine’s commitment to Purity, Body and Flavor. For more information, visit