Pumpkin Beers on Beach

Pumpkin Tap handle on the beach photo by .lucy of flickr.com

So I’m running to the store to make a quick beer run and pick up something light and refreshing that goes great at my pool party/BBQ. As I’m perusing the lager section, I see a beer that’s curiously out of place yet has a sign displaying “New in Stock,” so naturally I head over to it. As I see what it is, I’m instantly reminded that the Fall is here and these summer months are coming to an end, its a pumpkin stout. Now I really like pumpkin beers, so much in fact I home brewed pumpkin beers and I still have a case left to polish off this Fall, my problem however is that its the beginning of August and I’m still enjoying my summer. Can I enjoy my summer before you shove cold weather down my throat and remind me that the end is near? Can I scrap an ounce of sunshine and BBQ chicken out of the remaining days of 90 degree weather? I am widely upset at brewers releasing beers ahead of the season and ruining an otherwise perfectly good summer vacation, give me my summer back.

Now I’m sure there are perfectly great reasons to release them early, like being the first on the shelves or making sure they sell all of their stock but I honestly don’t care. It feels like being in Walmart in September and they already have the Christmas decorations out, please let me enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving first. There are some expectations I have from companies as big as Walmart, I expect to be delivered a bland/general presentation that appeals to the masses but when your company is based on a niche population, forgetting that niche is the proper way to piss us off.

Do I want pumpkin beers? Hell yeah! Do I want to drink Pumpkin beers in the hot summer 90 degree weather, hmmm maybe! One thing is for sure I want to enjoy my Summer before you shove Fall down my throat two months ahead of time, so I beg of you, please hold off on the release of pumpkin beers until, at the very least, September.

Yours Truly,

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