budweiser on tap

A rush of emotions came over me, I started to question what I just saw. Did I just really see that? Did I just really see an attack on everything I do everyday here on this site? I hit replay. It came right back, that feeling of being attacked, of being called out for my passion, of being mocked for what I love to do. I immediately went on a mental tirade of expletives and wanted to react in similar fashion. I wanted to give them a piece of my mind, I wanted to show them what the craft beer community was made of. In that moment of wanting release I realized something, the Pumpkin Peach Budweiser commercial mocking craft beer and its community was genius.

Hear me out! We as craft drinkers aren’t going to drink Budweiser, we aren’t going to buy the beer no matter what they advertise on the screen. So they know we are a losing segment of their market. How do they retain their current market and stop the decline? You create the US vs THEM campaign and polarize the market. You try and create a culture of left and right, a culture at odds with each other, both fighting to retain their segment. A culture where you now have advocates for your beer, ones that will not only buy your product but will fight against the craft community and say things like “oh I’m not a stuck up beer drinker.”

The division in the beer market has been fueled in part by those beer snobs that have created a divide in the craft beer community thus allowing room for a greater segmentation. Chris Steltz of Beer Geek Nation commented on this divide a few weeks ago in his video The Growing Craft Beer Divide. The video highlights the problem of certain craft beer drinkers turning their noses to beers that aren’t super rare and mocking those that drink the “regular stuff.” This rift in the community not only extends to those snobs but is prevalent among the normal craft drinkers. I admit that I even turn my nose to those that drink macro piss water (see I just did it there) and every time I’m in the beer store looking for a good brew and I see someone grab a case of macro beer I hurt inside and give them the side eye.

Budweiser took that divide and turned it against the community by trying to forge an even greater chasm of hard working Americans vs the up tight snobs. For a long time we in the craft community have always set ourselves apart from the macro beers and thought of ourselves as educated beer drinkers, those that care about what we drink and thus setting ourselves apart from the macro drinkers. The commercial ran with the idea and made it an actual thing, which I say is genius.

I’m not going to get into dissecting the commercial and getting angry about it because this would be a much longer post. I will say, I hate the commercial because it mocks everything we do here but its freaking genius. My reaction will be introducing every macro drinker I come across to quality craft beer and let’s see who wins this game. I care about what I’m spending my money on and I will try to get those around me to care too and not be sheepeople herded into a flavorless pit of beachwood aged bullshit!