Yards Pynk

YARDS PYNK Tart Berry Ale

I love going through the craft beer isle in my local liquor store, it make me feel like a kid in a candy store.   There are endless…well…you guys understand my excitement I am sure!  I happen to find this YARDS PYNK Tart Berry Ale and couldn’t pass it up for some get ready for a night of fun pre-fun! True to my womanly nature, I am a sucker for cute packaging and clever marketing, there is a cute little pig on the bottle, they donate 1 dollar from each purchase to breast cancer and the beer is actually pink! How extra cute is that and how totally awesome is YARDS for supporting the tata’s?!?!?!

PYNK is available starting in August and is only out for a few months, there is about 180 calorie per bottle, ABV is 5.5% and it’s made from cherries and raspberries so technically its probably good for you…right…can this be considered my fruit intake for the day??  Its light bodied with a berry aftertaste and would be a great introductory beer for a woman who like fruity flavors and wants to take a step over to the craft side.

As I was getting ready to put the finishing touches on me for the night I decided to crack open my bottle of YARDS PYNK as I had Stevie Nicks on rotation in the background.  I could see me and Stevie Nicks drinking this beer together as I ask her stories about all the cool experiences she has had in her awesome life.  I am not usually a pink girl, I tend to stay in the darker beers and higher alcohol volume stuff but I really enjoyed the pleasant taste of this beer and maybe I am more of a pink girl than I think!  I have a few left and am going to pass them along to a few of my friends to get their opinion.  Sharing is caring friends!  I believe they will be just as pleased as I am.  Next summer, if you are invited to a girls night or a girlfriends birthday and don’t know what to get, I suggest you drink PYNK.

Yards Pynk