The Keg Tap Team

The Keg Tap Team

2014 started off with a lull in traffic, posts and overall enthusiasm for craft beer blogging, so I made a decision in February  of 2014 to close the site and move on with my craft beer ventures in a more personal way, by myself. I wasn’t going rouge with the site and blogging by myself but shutter the doors and allow all of us time to really focus on our lives and families, without the pressure of deadlines or commitments. I presented this to the Keg Tap team and the resounding response was “HELL NO!” It threw me for a loop because I honestly thought the team was ready to move on, but I guessed wrong. We decided at that moment to not only continue, but to do it with a conviction and fervor not previously held by any of us. We decided to take our site to another level, pursue new ideas and break with convention.

We accomplished a lot in 2014, way more than any other year we’ve been blogging and that is a testament to the our great team.  I think about why we continue doing this, as we approach our fourth year blogging and what motivates us to continue writing. Sometimes I don’t know why we push forward especially when you consider that we do not make a profit from this site, we do not receive sponsorship money, we do not sell ad space, we do not receive any money what so ever for what we do. We write because we love to, we shoot videos because our passion for craft beer is strong, we build Instagram relationships because our commitment is rooted in the craft beer community, we blog because craft beer is part of who we are. We exist because we love being an active participant in something greater than ourselves, the craft beer community.

2014 has been an interesting year for us but one that has only strengthened our commitment to the community and cemented our dedication to the cause. We began the year with a goal to become more involved in the community and to accomplish that we brought in featured writers. I’m proud to say that Craftylady24_7 was our first featured guest, followed by ex-President of Sigma Lambda Beta Sam Centellas and the lastly the infamous Craftbeervixen. We also had a huge gender problem, so we brought in a estroJen to try and tip the balance of testosterone over to the X chromosome. Overall we are still figuring things out and still evolving and looking ahead to this coming year.

In 2015 I look forward to reaching out to more members of the community and forming relationships that will endure and create a tighter more aware community. A craft beer community that is built on a love and respect for not only craft beer but those individuals within the movement. I do not care about our site visits or the amount of followers we have on Instagram, because its not about that, it’s about creating and fostering meaningful relationship. Its about being an active participant within a group of active participants and not passively sitting on the sidelines. Our motto is “where we drink and tell” well moving forward I look forward to sitting around tables with everyone else where we all are drinking and telling our stories, our thoughts, our ideas and our passion.

Cheers! Here’s to a prosperous 2015!