I’m a recovering Heineken drinker.  It all started with great marketing.  I’m a victim of capitalism and in the end, the man made me do it!  He made me drink from all of those GREEN BOTTLES.  I am not alone in this.  I bet there are millions out there like me.  My brothers, there is still hope for the Coors Light and Corona types.  Granted you need serious hydration in the club or at the beach, but while at the BAR or your house, the goal there is flavor and/or getting twisted.  I present to you Liberation in Libation.

When I turned 32 (and realized I was just one year younger than Jesus was when he died) I knew I needed a change.  Joining a group of brave rebels, we tried Grolsch (different, but safe since it too is in a green bottle) then Sapporo.  Here is a tasty refreshing beer that inspired a new thought…We owe it to our taste buds to drink responsibly heretofore satisfying our buds became our duty.  The Sapporo bottle is brown, black label and sports a gold star.  Sapporo drinks like a Heineken.  It’s got a nice head (the bubbles), kinda light and it’s got a yellow hue much like a Heineken. BUT it has a noticeable amount of flavor if all you have been drinking is from the Coors light variety.

It has been a long process discovering a respect for my taste buds.  Over the course of a year we became serious Sapporo heads.  Eventually we made the decision to truly explore all those other brands.  Other more experienced friends of ours made suggestions and spoke of thongs like “hops” and ”head”.  After the initial adolescent giggle we had the courage to ask what all that jargon was about.  I still don’t really get it and I might eventually take the time to actually read a book, but in the meantime I believe tasting new beers in search of satisfying flavor remains the goal.

My cousin Chris posted a pic of some highly corny bottle of beer.  I looked for it and found it standing alone like a damn bottle of wine.  Like it’s special or something.  IT WAS.  I bit the bullet and spent like 6 bucks on one of bottle of beer.  Trois Pistoles is the baddest most awesome beer I’ve had yet.  Totally worth the awkward feeling of going to the liquor store and actually buying just one bottle of beer.

Thanks to Sapporo, my rebound after the Heineken break up, I am brave enough to try new beers.  Drinking Sapporo was my bridge to flavor.  It was my match maker and eventually hooked me up with Trois Pistoles.  In an age where moderation meets decadence we have an obligation to our taste and simultaneously must explore the beer frontier.