Sixpoint The Crisp 5.4% ABV

I have been on a quest to win over my father-in-law to the world of craft beers ever since he hit me with the line “my┬áHeineken is still better” and since then I have taken it upon myself to convert him into a craft beer drinker. So far he has liked Sam Smith Pure Lager, River Horse Lager and now Sixpoint The Crisp. I’ve tried giving him a lot of different things from stouts to belgians but mainly my success lies in lagers so I got him something this time that I thought he might enjoy Sixpoint The Crisp. Here’s the full back story. I saved a can for review and I’m really glad I did this German Pilsner is a perfect example of what a lager could and should be, flavorful, low alcohol and yet refreshing and clean.

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Sixpoint The Crisp