Southampton TripleSouthampton Triple Abbey-Style Ale – 8% ABV

When I think of Southampton, if I’m not focusing on the area in Long Island that bears the same name, then immediately their Double White comes to mind. Irving, Jason C and I did a video smackdown with that as a contestant and it won handily against the other competitors. This tells me that I should expect big things from this brewery. Based out of Southampton, NY near the eastern end of Long Island, Southampton Publick House has been pumping out fine selections since 1996. This one is their take on an Abbey-style Tripel. When I saw this in Buy-Rite, I thought to myself, “Might as well give it a shot.” I took it home and put it in with the other bombers I have cellared.

When I decided to give Southampton Triple a go, I opened it up and poured it into a weissen glass. It’s a big enough bottle and I wanted to see what this thing had to offer in a larger quantity than what my tulip glass would offer me. The color is a sort of murky orange amber color. This thing is obviously unfiltered if it’s giving off this kind of cloudiness. No matter, many of the brews I’ve enjoyed are unfiltered and intentionally so. There was one thing that stuck out to me on this one though. Yeast and/or coriander granules/particulate remained floating about in the beer after I poured it. Hmm, first thought to myself was that whoever was overseeing the racking process should be reprimanded or fired. I’ve never seen this much junk floating in a beer before. Not even my own home brews when I didn’t have proper filtering or straining equipment contained this much additional stuff. Reservation suddenly takes hold, but I remind myself that these guys make a fine brew and I need to give them the benefit of the doubt.

If I was reserved in my initial viewing of the beer, many of my fears were quickly vanquished when I got a whiff of this beast. Holy cow does that smell good. Pear, green apple, clove, wheat, Belgian yeast and candied sugars came to mind. Got a nice nasal burn from the boozy element when taking another big huff of this thing. I like the smell, but will I be adversely affected by the floating sediment? Time to find out.

The first sip I took of Southampton Triple and I was pretty impressed. Again, light fruit came out in front, followed by malty sweetness, the Belgian yeast, candied sugars and finally a crisp finish. There isn’t much carbonation to speak for, but it makes up for it in the flavor department. The taste is sweet and boozy, as you should expect from a tripel. There is a subtle bitterness that comes in the end, but the taste is primarily driven by the fruit, the yeast and those candied sugars. So in essence, this puppy is front-loaded with malty and fruity sweetness, nicely held body midway through the pull, then a touch of bitter/sour bite in the finish. I’m digging this one.

After finishing this beer, I could feel the burn in my chest and the warmth in my stomach. It crept on me as I worked my way through it, but altogether it grew after each pull. The slightly dry finish made me want more, and the sweetness up front in each following taste was happy to oblige. In the end, I will give Southampton Publick House a high mark on this, as it did not disappoint. I overcame my original worries about the sediment and enjoyed a fine brew.  Southampton Triple was quite tasty was quite tasty and one that I will enjoy again. Go grab one and find out for yourself, but only if you’re not afraid of the murky waters. Cheers!