Epic Spiral Jetty Beer

Epic Spiral Jetty IPA 6.6% ABV

My choice for tonight’s tasting comes from a state that I haven’t tested an IPA before: Utah! WTH? Honestly that’s what I first thought. But surprisingly it wasn’t the beer that sucked but it did lack. The suds is called Spiral Jetty IPA (6.6% ABV,IBU unknown) from Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City.

At first look the presentation of the bottle/label is basic and uninteresting. I bought it only b/c it was surrounded by beers familiar to me and I wanted to try a new IPA. So I bought it. The label stated that this IPA was part of the brewery’s classic series and their attempt at a hoppy beer. Sweet. However their label did not list the IBU nor could I find it during a quick search on the internet. Oh well. My guess would be b/w 40 – 70 IBUs. It doesnt have an attactive label either. Just saying.

Spiral Jetty IPA pours well and builds a respectable head. The body is a golden semi-opaque cloudy color that has a typical IPA floral yet maybe faint smell. The finish was as expected of an IPA but it was not up to par with NW IPAs as far as fruity or citrisy tastes and smells are concerned but it was hoppy. It was missing something in the end. Honestly I did not dislike the beer and would drink it again if there were no other options. This isn’t a bad brew nor is it anything to write home to mom about. Cheers!