Shiner Dortmunder-Style Spring Ale 5.5% ABV

Here’s a seasonal import from the Lone Star State that I’ve been eager to try. The neck label says “Renew with a Spring Brew!” At the bottom of the label on the body of the beer, you see “There’s Nothing Finer Than a Springtime Shiner.” Pretty catchy, I’d say. I wonder if the beer will live up to its claims. Only one way to find out. Grainy smell, a hint of breadiness and slight herbal notes are what your olfactory senses will tell you you’re smelling. The beer pours a nice golden color with moderate carbonation. The nice white head builds but quickly settles into a nice film resting above the beer. I guess it’s a downside to see the head not last as long as expected, but the taste will be the ultimate determining factor. Tasting it reveals much the same as the aroma – nice caramel and bread malty flavor with a slight hop edge to it. Upon first taste, a slight hint of caramel malt hits your palate, then followed by a lingering crisp finish from the hops.  With each pull the film diminishes a bit, leaving a thin white ring around the glass. Very slight lacing.  It’s smooth and balanced, in keeping with the style. Actually, it is very much like the style in that the pilsner malts and noble hops do a juggling act in your mouth, neither really dominating the other. The mouthfeel on this is light to medium, as it easily goes down the throat, slightly watery though. No real surprises in this one. Overall a pretty good representation of the style, but not necessarily a mind-blowing experience.

Shiner Dortmunder-Style Spring Ale