Stone Mixed 12 Pack

I purchased my first 12 mixed pack since it had two beers in it that I wanted to try (Saison and Pale Ale 2.0) and two beers that I already knew were very good (Arrogant Bastard and Go To IPA).

I will say that I did not enjoy the Stone Pale Ale reboot, it just wasn’t what I look for in a Pale Ale, which is a toned down IPA. Faint Aroma, biscuit taste, just overall wasn’t for me. I did however enjoy that Stone Saison even though practically every other rating site destroys it. Arrogant Bastard still holds up after all these years as being a very very good beer in your face Carmel, Hoppy Red and Go To IPA, what’s not to like.

Overall I’m happy I purchased the Stone mixed 12 pack and I would buy it again if I’m going to a party or if I’m having guests over. I hope you enjoy the unboxing video.