I’m so tired of wanting to taste a beer that is acclaimed to be great but to only have it as a “limited release.” When I do find a bottle, its usually on eBay$20 for a 12 ounce, get the hell out of here, ITS BEER!!!! Now I get that there’s a market for this overpriced beer and some half-wit will buy the $20 12 ounce bottle but that doesn’t make it right. Then we get breweries like Founders (whom I LOVE) post apology letters, stating sorry next year we’ll brew more. It started with CBS and more recently KBS, stop apologizing and brew more beer already.

On the flip side I do realize this is a great way to build up a reputation for your brewery.  I mean have lines outside of your brewery on release day like the iPhone and it shows demand, yeah I get it. Does it make it right, no. I’ll use a iPhone for a minimum of a year and a half, I’ll drink a beer for maybe 20 minutes, to me that return on investment is not worth it. Camping out, buying $100 bottles on EBay, participating in bottle swaps are all great marketing tools but why should I do that when I get alternatives that are almost as good for a fraction of the investment.

Example: Terrapin Wake-N-Bake costs $12 for a 4 pack and it is a hell of a breakfast stout, I’ll even say it rivals some of the top contenders in this category and I don’t have to swap beers, or paying $50 on Ebay for it.

I hope this marketing ploy falls flat on its face and beer drinkers wise up and realize its not worth it. In the mean time, Stay Thirsty but don’t Stay Stupid!