So my wife asked for some chocolate and I brought home Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Southern Tier Choklat. Perfect right? lol. We can only drink one at a time so the Southern Tier will have to come another night. It doesn’t have a high alcohol content and isn’t bitter in the least bit, but a 500 ml bottle (17 ounces) set me back $5, ouch.


It pours a dark almost black stout color with a tremendous amount of head. As I was pouring it I didn’t notice much head so I elevated the bottle to force head and as you can see in the picture, head is what I got. Smells of malts and a hint of chocolate.

Here’s where the party starts, you take a sip and at first you’re like oh this is just another stout and then it hits you like a cheap shot from Mayweather and proclaims its chocolate prowess. You get a barrage of dark chocolate flavors on your tongue and out of your nose with the typical stout boldness. Now before I took the next sip, I waited for the aftertaste and man it didn’t disappoint. I felt like the fat kid in Willy Wonka drinking chocolate right from the chocolate river except I didn’t fall in to the river and get stuck in the tube.

Wow this is a great chocolate stout and if your wife ever tells you to bring home chocolate, surprise her with some Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and let the party begin.

Stay thirsty but stay different!