Death Pumpkin Beer

After Halloween is there even reason to buy or drink a Pumpkin beer I mean c’mon that’s so last month. You can find some in the clearance section of your local beer store and if you’re so brave, buy some and bring it to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Seriously pumpkin beers after October is a major faux pas, well at least in my sphere of influence. Now though I come armed with facts to supply my death to pumpkin beer army with a much needed pat on the back. The Brewers Association has released a highly scientifical report outlining the decline in popularity of pumpkin beer from both Google search results and an independent study from the IRI Group.  The report outlines the pitchfork to the heart of pumpkin beers and now gives us a reason to say pumpkin beers are so 2000 and late.

According to the IRI report, at their peak pumpkin beers sell 11.6% of their volume in October and are searched for most on Google in September with a roughly 13% increase in searches for pumpkin beer. After October 31st though that change in search results takes a huge nose dive and sees a -42% decline in searches, which means that people not only aren’t buying the beers they don’t even care about them anymore.

Why do I even care?

For me this is a reason to go to the beer store and talk the manager down in price since let’s be honest those bottles aren’t going to be sold anyway. I would drink the hell out of those beers because I love pumpkin beers (hell yeah I said that). Even if I don’t drink it, I can make a pumpkin ale pumpkin pie like this recipe found on The Tiny Table. Last year I brought a bottle of Uinta Labyrinth to Thanksgiving and that was a major flop as my family wasn’t ready for a beer of that caliber, this year I will come armed with pumpkin beers that I got on clearance.

21 gun salute to pumpkin beers as I pull out my wallet and load the car up with that Pumpking and Schlafy Pumpkin!!!