Portland’s largest newspaper (and Oregon for that matter), The Oregonian, on 11/01/11 wrote an article about the city’s “vintage, independent movie theaters.” This is great for movie and history buffs. But the best reason I like these theaters is that they serve beer and people can drink while watching the movie. But even better than that is that they sell local micros! So what you say? Big deal, who cares about being able to drink beer while watching a flick at a movie house? Well I care. In Oregon (not sure about other states) alcohol is not sold at your regular cineMegaplex. And how many times have you snuck in beer or liquor into a regular theater trying your best not to get caught? I have and too many times for me to count. Its especially tough to sneak it cans of beer when it’s not winter without all the extra layers of clothing and when you’re not with a chic who has a huge ass purse.

Anyway, the closest independent movie theater to my pad about 5 blocks away is the Laurelhurst Theater and Pub. This theater is written about in the article mentioned above. The Laurelhurst shows some good films that have been out for a while and good foreign films too. Typically I like to buy a pitcher of an IPA and have that with me for the whole movie (yeah it’s all for me!). Some of the mircos on tap that they sell are Ninkasi Total Domination IPA, Full Sail Amber Ale, Coalition Maple Porter, Bridgeport Kingpin Double Red, Lucky Lab Superdog IPA and Mt. Hood Oatmeal Stout. This, my friend, is a good way to enjoy a good movie.

The general admission price is $4 and under. Besides beer they have a full menu of other food besides your traditional theater popcorn and pop. They have wraps, wine and pizza amongst other things. The only drawback is that the “pints” and “pitchers” are not your traditional beer pint and pitcher sizes. I think they’re a bit smaller then the industry norm. At $4.25 a pint and $11.50 for a pitcher getting the pitcher is the best bet. And another thing that sucks is that the smaller sized beer pints are plastic! Cheers.