The Russian River Brewing Company blonde ale Temptaion ABV 7.5%

Like Jason M‘s post about a good beer he got from Trader Joe’s I also got this beer from that chain (I love their 2 buck chucks btw). However this beer is not brewed by or for TJ but instead hales from The Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, CA. Its a blonde ale fermentated/aged once in used Chardonnay barrels then a second time in the bottles themselves. This “Frankensteinyian” (if you will) concoction is called Temptaion (ABV 7.5%, IBV negligible)

After I got my decently priced free range and organic steak (he he) I spent some time in the alcohol section of the Hollywood TJ. There’s mostly wine but they have a healthy selection of beer. What caught my eye with this beer was the price. $11.99. I was like damn that’s either really good or really bad. I hesitated a bit and then spoke with the dude manning that section. Eventually I was told that this beer was sour which is the oppisote of bitter beer which wasnt too appealing to this hop head but i love (sometimes have to) to try new beers even if its on the other side of my comfort spectrum. So I brought it home. I was told that I if I dont like it I could bring it back with the receipt and get my money returned. Shoot, I already threw it away.

I will not be drinking this beer again (well maybe if I was stuck in the middle of a desert without hydration and that was the only thing left). I liked the idea of something new with beer aging but once a white wine barrel has been used future beer needs to stay out. Cheers!

PS. I had some Heineken in the fridge that I used to clear my mouth of that monstrosity. Worked well.