By chance I asked the barkeep “what’s that green handle” and she muttered something I couldn’t understand. “What”  I asked and once again she said something I didn’t understand but I did get Dogfish Head. DING! A light bulb went off, how bad could that be? She said something about aztecs and chocolate and my buddy says can we have a taste. THANK YOU SIR! She squirted out a drip of the beer and upon smelling it, all I got was spicy and chocolate. I put the cup to my lips and the party started, a volcano of chocolate instantly smacks you in the lips and makes you think, what the hell is this.

I looked at the bar menu and saw Dogfish Head Theobroma and without asking the barkeep Michelle, brought me a whole pint. THANK YOU! I continued to indulge on this weird flavored amber colored beer and after each and every sip I looked at the glass to remind myself I was drinking beer. Like they do on tv when you drink something outstanding and you hold the cup away and stare a it like “DAMN!”

This is a beer that my wife and I could drink together, its manly ( high alcohol content) and spicy enough for me and chocolaty enough to keep her saying wow this is good, I mean come on have you ever met a woman that doesn’t like chocolate? Overall this was a great beer, not something to have everyday because it doesn’t have that smack you in the face beer flavor but it is definitely an awesome beer. If you can find it, buy it and drink up!

Stay Thirsty, Stay Different!

Keg Taps: 5.5 out of 7