Tonight I tasted two micros from the Best Coast… I mean West Coast. The first one comes from Full Sail Brewery, home of my favorite IPA, which is a Brewmaster reserve concoction from what the brewery refers to as a “mad scientist.” The Sanctuary which is a Belgian Style Dubbel (ABV 7%, IBU 20). This beer is bold amber in color with a light to medium head. It goes down well with little after taste. The smell of it reminds me of a similar styles’ stronger brother the tripel. Although the tri ferms are not my cup of tea I don’t dislike them. Like anyone I tend to stick with what I know and love like the Northwest favorite IPA. But now that I’m part of The Keg Tap I need to get my palate used to other beer varieties because this is where we drink and tell (like the plug?). So with that said and kind of off topic the Sanctuary is more “tolerable” to me than the tri ferm.

Second up was a beer that comes from my fav category. That’s right; an IPA. This one comes from another familiar brewery which its marquee IPA is one of my top three favorite micro. Stone Brewery from San Diego County in Southern California makes the very appetizing and irresistible Stone IPA (ABV 7.7%, IBU 77). Yum. Tonight I tasted its beefed up sensationally bitter brother called Ruination IPA. What a name. If you don’t like beers with high IBUs then stay away from this monster at 100+ as its name suggest it will ruin your taste buds. The brewery describes it as “a liquid poem to the glory of the hop!” Its light gold in color with a healthy head and fruity smell and taste. Very refreshing.

Will I drink these beers again. Probably. However I don’t seek out extremely high IBU beers even though I’m a hophead. Sometimes too much bitterness is too much. Also Belgian styles aren’t my forte but the dubbel from Full Sail is not disappointing. Cheers.