The big V-day (valentines), queue scary music and overpriced roses, is right around the corner.  It is highly likely that if you are reading this, you have an important person in your life that likes … no … loves beer!  Even if that person is you, what better way to say “I love you” than beer or beer related items? Below are some great options to consider getting your Boo this wonderful hallmark holiday.  So, treat that special someone to a V-day he/she will never forget.


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1. Brewery Tour

Is there a brewery that your special someone has been wanting to visit?  If so, make reservations for a brewery tour.  Plan a nice little get away, by making a brewery tour reservation, picking a nice local place for  lunch or dinner  and make sure to leave some space in the trunk for those cases that will be traveling home with you.  Make a day out of this surprise!



2. Hydro Flask Growler

Does that special someone love getting growler fills?  Pick up a hydro flask growler and a gift certificate to his/her favorite brewery.  The hydro flask growlers are guaranteed to keep that beer cold for hours and carbonated for much longer than a standard growler.  That special someone is bound to love this gift, especially if it comes with some pre-paid fills.  Get ready for lots of kisses when they open this one. (Irving has one that he loves and swears by)


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3. Homebrewers need love too

Despite spending hours in the garage staring in the mash tun and boil kettle, we do like it when we get some love.  For that special fermentation scientist in your life, consider sending him/her to the 2015 National Homebrewers Conference in San Diego.  If you want something less involved than a conference, consider an old whiskey or wine barrel.  Watch that homebrewer jump with joy at the realization that he/she can finally start that barrel project they have been dreaming of.

Basic Homebrewing Equipment

4. Start a brewery….in your home

Has your sweetie been talking about brewing beer?  Make their dreams come true by gifting them a 5 gallon homebrewing kit or even a smaller more economical 1 gallon Craft a Brew Kit.  This kit will give that sweetie pie everything they need to start making beer at home.  Everything from carboys to bottling buckets, this is a great kit to get the process started.  Be warned that while a homebrewing kit may seem fun and harmless…trust me when I say, it will quickly become an obsession rather than a hobby.

Craft Loyal


5. Sweet Swag

What beer loving teddy bear doesn’t love a good craft beer t-shirt, cap or set of pristine glasses?  One can never have enough swag to show their love for the craft. Take a visit to our friends at Craft Loyal. They sell both men and women items and sizes.   These guys have put in work making some amazing apparel that will fit the needs of any beer lover.

So, when roses and chocolates just won’t cut it, show that sweet thang some love with some great beer gifts.