Beer Review Diary

Validating Beer Reviews

A beer review is a subjective critique of a beer based off of one’s individual preference. There in lies the problem, the personalization of the writing or review according to one’s palate. My beer reviews might be all well and good to me, but you might not like the beer once you taste it. So does that mean our reviews are worthless and are just internet fluff? No! It means that we are a group of individuals so passionate about our beer that we want to share our experience with you and best describe to you our journey.

My personal beer journey, from when this site opened two years ago to now, has been an interesting one. I started as the Belgian vanguard, fighting for the estery beers full of fruity profiles, phenols and yeast driven goodness, that gradually morphed into something different. I wrote articles and shot videos proclaiming my loathing of hoppy beers and the oversaturation of the beer market that focused mainly on the IPA. Two years later my beer voyage has led me to the way of the IPA and I can firmly state that IPA is now finally part of my palate. So there in lies my story the Belgian beer lover turned IPA whore. Maybe some of your can relate. Maybe not.

I was reading an article the other day about how reviews serve no purpose because the reader gets bored and or just doesn’t care because reviews are only valid to the person reviewing. Therein lies my point, our reviews, videos, rants etc are all part of our beer journey and we are mapping out our trek with you. Its our beer diary, if you will, and like a diary our thoughts on a particular subject, in this case beer, are from our perspective. They might not be entirely useful to everyone but can be a good read and get you thinking about beers in ways you might not have thought of before. Maybe you can relate to our journey and try some of the beers we’ve reviewed. Maybe you can get some descriptors of beer to make you sound beer smart at a party. Maybe you can just read and take our writings for what they are, entertainment. Maybe you’re not even reading this but that’s okay because this is just another page  in my beer diary that I’m sharing with anyone nosey enough to care :)

Cheers folks!